the artist


Juanjo San Pedro was born in Laguardia (Álava) in 1945. From his home town he moved first of all to Vitoria and then settled in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There he began to study fine arts and took to photograhy and audiovisual activities.

His main artistic wok in the seventies was photography, wher he was already studing and working on hat was to become his lifetime´s concern: landscape. After finishing his fine arts studies at the universities of Barcelona and Bilbao, he then took his first steps in his painting career.

He returned to the Basque Country in the eighties and worked for a while as a teacher in the Applied Arts School of Vitoria; then he went back to the Canaries, this time to Lanzarote. Struck by the singularity of the volcanic scenery, he threw himself into oil painting and the elaboration of surface textures, gradually building up his own style.

He opened two art galleries, exhibiting his own’s work, and his paintings began to travel around the world. He also edited tose days his first graphic work, and artbooks about his artwok.

Nowadays San Pedro shuttles back and forth between north and south, between basque country and Andalucia, between figure painting and abstraction, continuing to build up and increasingly solid and forthright language. His works come across as fragments o fan overall, personal and universal, narration of truths that are veiled from our eyes.

Trough his art galleries his paintings are present in art collections from Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Arab Emirates, Australia…